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Special real estate market in Re Island

Special real estate market in Re Island


Buying a house on the Ïle de Ré is first to apprehend a real estate market mainly including the environment, the choice of a certain village. Because your project differs if you are purchasing a beachfront house at the Portes-en-Ré or a seaview one in Saint-Martin-de-Ré. A house for sale on the ïle de Ré is not just a building and a residential area, its price is not based on set statistics, but first of all on an environment proper to each village, with its own style, the shops nearby, the leisure activities and everyday life altogether.

Real estate on the Ré Island is mainly the environment, the choice of a village.



Particularités du marché immobilier de l


As a matter of fact, the figures of the real estate market on the Île de Ré do not really mean a lot if you consider how much the criterias vary (the community, the quality of the building and of the fittings, its exposure to the sunlight, its area and equipment like a swimming pool, the parking, the natural environment and surroundings) : in a same street, two houses of the same area may be sold simple or double price if one has high volumes, its rooms face south-west, and has a garden large enough for a swimming pool and a comfortable garage for cars, whereas the other is less sunlit, with a room distribution to be modified, not so easy to live in or is poorly equipped.

The Ré Island has remained
a stronghold of the investment


The Île de Ré has managed to remain a strong investment location : to buy there means a financial choice but is also beneficial to the whole family and brings a real added value. Indeed, for the last few years, the real estate market of the Ïle de Ré has evolved naturally, mainly into a community of independant owners out of the economic system.

The first purchasers used to buy on their own funds, rarely turning to the banks. Also, the independant owner of the ïle de Ré, considering the way he structures his estate, is very rarely led to sell, which reduces the possible supply of properties. Last, the limited development and the control of the land planning have stopped the possible extention of residential building areas, thus preserving the natural zones from new constructions, the whole island being set in a natural and protected environment, but still just a few minutes away from the Fast Train (TGV) station and the airport of La Rochelle.