BARNES Ile de Ré
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Real estate prices on the Ré Island

Real estate prices on the Ré Island

A Stronghold of Property Investment

The Île de Ré remains in time a strong investment location. Its proximity to the airport and to the train station of La Rochelle makes it particularly easy to go to, even for a week-end, either from Paris, Brussels or London.

This island preserved from the crowd, which land planning is under strict control, is composed of tiny picturesque villages, all calm and serene, close to one another but each with its distinctive atmosphere.

A market boosted by a real estate market of varied but rarer and rarer properties, which also allows a cosmopolitan population with a specific project to have a stable tariff band.

Real estate prices Ile de Ré


A per-square footage according to the type of property, knowing that it varies with the area of the plot, the quality and state of the fittings, its exposure to the sun and to the environmental noise aso....


  • A village house for sale (for old stone enthusiasts) with a yard or a little garden, close to the shops of the village center : 5,500 € per sqm ranging from 3,000 € up to 8,000 €.

  • A villa outside the village (contemporary architecture) with garden, swimming pool (or possibility of one), 3/4 bedrooms, close to a beach or a protected landscape area : average price of 5,000 € per sqm ranging from 4,500 € up to 7,500 €.

  • A beautiful village house (old stones) with a garden, close to the shops, 4/5 bedrooms, a swimming pool (or possibility of one), a parking lot or a garage, high volumes : average price of 8,000 € possibly ranging from 6,000 € up to 10,000 € per sqm.

  • A sea-front property (contemporary architecture) or with a view, with top-quality fittings or a great potential : average price of 7,500 € per sqm rangng from 5,500 € up to 12,000 € per sqm.

  • Residential building land : the prices vary according to the right to build, the area and to many other criterias. Then the average price for a plot amounts to 7,000 € possibly reaching 1,500 € per sqm.